(2017.07.01) Price adjustment

Today marks the 2 years anniversary for my home studio and also marks the begining of the new price adjustment after a 5 years hiatus. Thank u for your support! location page.

(2015.07.01)I've moved to a NEW LOCATION!!!!!

As of today I'm officially working in the new location :D ( my home studio ). This is gonna be a new chapter for me and I look forward to seeing all of u in the new studio! For more details please send me a MESSAGE at 0634389298 !! For more info on the new opening hours please check on the location page.
從今天起我正式搬店了 (現在的工作室會是在我家)。 很高興可以在一個新的環境再次為你服務。 地址詳情請发留言到 0634389298. 營業時間請看這 location

(2014.01.13)IMPORTANT tips on contacting me

Due to working alone, I'm usually busy through out the day and very often unable to pick up ur call. The best way is to leave me a message or voicemail, I'll get back to u once I have free time. ATTENTION!!! I will follow a simple rule of answering voicemails first, then whatsapp and sms messages, then missed calls. I personally do not recommend through email because it is slow in response. Thank u for ur understanding.